Cost & Availability

Sessions Cost & Availability

Regular scheduled sessions are available:

Monday to Friday 7am-4pm  – Brisbane Australia time

No weekend sessions

* Any changes or cancellations – minimum 24 hours in advance please

To check availability & book a session:

Please call/text Yael at (+61) 0431 837 878 or email Yael at:


Cost for Individual, Couples and Family sessions:

The sessions are LONG SESSIONS, an hour and a half long, and often we go a bit longer, up to 2 hours:

  • The cost for the first session is $260 AUD (+$10AUD for people paying from overseas).
  • The cost for every following session is $210 AUD (+$10AUD for people paying from overseas).

Cost for Family Constellations group workshops:

  • $420 AUD – Issue holder – a group of resonators is gathered to facilitate a workshop for you to look into your own Family Constellation in a group setting. Approximately 2 hours. In person at Brighton QLD. 
  • FREE for RESONATORS/ representatives. Due to venue size spots are limited to 12 resonators.

Payment methods

Bank transfer

I look forward to being of help to you,