Feedback from Couples Therapy

Yael, our intimacy guru!
My partner and I contacted Yael after trying other psychologists for four years. We learnt a lot in that time but nothing close to what Yael taught us. She is a highly skilled professional who is incredibly knowledgeable. Yael helped us to unpack some really important parts of ourselves that we weren’t aware of, so that we could approach our relationship in a more loving way. Her magic has worked many times and we are so happy to be communicating really well and enjoying intimacy together, for the first time in a long time. I’m sure we will need her assistance again one day, but until then she has given us great tools to work on our relationship together. Yael saved our relationship and we are so grateful for her.
April 2022

Feedback from Family Constellations Workshops

‘I wanted to address a relationship issue with my son and after trying several other therapeutic modalities, thought I’d see if a family constellation might shed some light on the situation. The experience was profound and revealed a picture I had not seen before, with representatives showing me how my son was feeling and why, and the hidden dynamics at play. This allowed me to see what I have to do next to address the problem.
Yael was a gentle, strong and insightful facilitator. I would recommend this experience for anyone seeking insight into any problem, and will certainly be referring my clients’.
Jane, Psychologist, Brisbane, February 2019

‘I wanted to write and thank you for facilitating such a wonderful day. I feel privileged to have been part of it. It was a very special experience, to connect with others in that way, and to explore,  release, and build our lives on the foundations of our families and our roots. It was amazing to see how others, who until that morning had been strangers, were able to bring so much clarity to situations. Thank you so much for sharing your skill and love in setting up and holding the space for us to do that, and gently sensing in to what was needed for us to move forward. It was a transformative experience’.
J’, September 2020

Hi Yael,
I just would like to let you know that I’m well and super happy.
I’m studying and I finally got a job that I love! 
I’m telling you all of this because the Family Constellations workshops played an important role in my life and also the individual sessions I had with you! I feel free to do anything that I want, and I don’t feel trapped anymore in bad feelings and thoughts as I used to be before! I believe that I unleashed my full potential and I can connect better with people now!
I wish you all the best and I admire your way with people, not many professionals have this gift that you have with people! 
Best Regards, C.
October 2021

I arrived to Yael for a family constellation workshop. It was my first workshop and I was amazed by the gentle and professional way Yael guided this constellation! It is a very unique way for people to help themselves and others in the process of finding who they really are and help them grow. Thank you Yael for a life changing experience 🙏🏻❤️
A’, October 2022

Thank you for all your help and healing to date – I can feel a massive shift in my life – my very being feels lighter and not wracked by feelings of inadequacy and sadness. I found my shine again and loving it. Not only that but the energy around me regarding my family and friends has also shifted. I am marvelling at the way that, by healing oneself, how the tentacles of that healing reach out to others as well. Thank you. The Family Constellation work is so powerful.
In the meantime, take care, stay well and wonderful and thank you for the amazing work that you do and the gift of love and joy that you bring to others.
Kindest regards,
D’, November 2022

Feedback from Family Constellations one-on-one sessions

‘Yael, I’d like to thank you for the help you gave me. Framing that weight under the right people’s responsibility has proved extremely liberating, and surprisingly so. I feel I am free to become who I am. And this is exactly the feeling I have, that I am becoming who I am.’

Feedback from Hypnotherapy sessions

Our son  successfully got off to school this morning (Yay!!). We believe he has made big gains since coming to see you so thank you very much. He wants to become a Hypnotherapist now. He’s been very inspired. I’ve also marketed your services with my GP & our son’s school teachers.

Thank you SO much- my son has swallowed a pill this afternoon!!!! No stress, it went down easily! I just said to him think about what Yael said to you and left him to it, it was quick and easy. I am so relieved and thankful. He has so much ahead of him but now knowing about you – I feel so relieved that there are people out there good at what they do and able to help- much appreciated.

I am feeling good and back ” living the dream “
I am very grateful for what you did for me and really hope our paths may cross one day but hopefully not in your studio.

Thank you once again for working your little miracles. I’m feeling good and studying is going really well – busy but I’m coping well and getting through everything and even finding it a bit exciting. I hope you are well. Thank you so much again.

We have never seen our son so happy.  It is a wonderful circumstance to be in. We thank you for all your hard work.

My son’s hair on his head has all grown back, his eyelashes are slowly growing back and even his eyebrows are getting there. He says that his hand still stops the other hand going up to his head 🙂 One of the phycologists at Young Minds recommended you to another boy that has Trichotillomania, as she has seen firsthand how it has worked for my son. He is very proud of his progress. Thanks so much for checking up on him.

I would like to thank you again for all the time and tools you have given me both in a professional  and personal level. My confidence energy  and drive has increased I feel amazing. I cannot thank you  enough you have helped me on all levels of life. I am so glad I trusted my unconscious mind.

From the day you saw our son the tic is 99% gone. I really appreciate that.

When I am having a rough time I often think about how you helped me in those dark days of withdrawal and I really appreciate the sessions we had together. I sometimes use the recordings you gave me and they help a lot. I’m doing pretty well now thanks. 90% of the time I’m leading a normal life without anxiety and panic attacks which is fantastic! Thanks for all your help while I was going through those difficult times, it really was of great benefit to me and helped me survive and cope with the intense withdrawal symptoms. I hope you are well and business is good, I have referred a couple of people to you recently.

I think of you often and  your professionalism, which is delivered  in such a light hearted compassionate and supportive manner. I believe the sessions I had with you were exactly what I needed at the time and set me on the positive and optimistic path I am now own. It has taken me awhile … a good number of years really to come  to believe that I do deserve all the joy, love and abundance that the world has to offer. And it is available without struggle and stress to me and all who wish it for themselves. I am very grateful that I came across your website in a Google search just at the right time, you have been a true blessing in my life. Thank you Yael, hope to see you again when I am back in that neck of the woods.

Happy new year. Just thought I’d let you know I’m back in the car quite a lot now driving back and forwards to work and other places. 🙂

Thanks for the message. Everything is going pretty well. I had 7 weeks with no alcohol leading up to Christmas and over the holidays there was plenty of food and drink.  I feel like I’m still in control and now going to have another block of eating well and no to very limited alcohol. Thanks for your help and message all the best.

I’m traveling a lot better thank you. I don’t seem to be hung up on a lot of my old issues but can still have the odd unsettled moment. But I can get passed that now though. Thanks for all your help x.

I just thought I’d let you know I got my results and I pass both units! Yayyyy

We met about 4 years ago. The treatment we undertook was for my severe dermatitis, we only needed one session, and thankfully that did the trick – the condition has never returned since then. It happened without me changing anything else – no dietary changes, no exercise changes, and I haven’t even been moisturising my skin at all. In fact I’ve pretty much neglected all the good things which I would normally do to treat my skin, yet the improvements have happened anyway. It was a fantastic result, and I’ve recommended you to a few people since then.

I just had to tell you my exciting news. I’ve been to the dentist, twice! The second visit was for an hour and I did my deep breathing and got through it really well. It has done a lot for my confidence. Thanks so much :).

I just wanted to let you know that I went to the scan with no issues. No anxiety at all! Thanks so much for your help.

Thank you so much for seeing my son today he has come home feeling so much better.

I’m doing  fantastic!! It’s like everything  makes sense now! I am 3/4 weaned off my medication. Have the odd drink but it usually makes me feel yuk and I’ve noticed that it makes me depressed and irritable  the next day so don’t usually indulge. My attitude  to food as changed a lot,  I don’t deprive  myself just make  better choices when I eat out etc. Down 14 kgs; ).

I have to say that I feel so lucky to have met you. You are a lovely person and a little bit of a miracle worker as well. I felt great at the dentist today and didn’t even have to imagine anything that we spoke about!! I was calm and relaxed and excited if you can believe it and it felt really natural with absolutely no anxiety at all!! A thousand blessings and a thousand thank yous to you.

I PASSED the exam. Thank you very much for your assistance. I am now a doctor!

I wanted to write to you earlier, but I was quiet busy for the last couple of days. (So good!). First of all I just want to thank you for taking your time for sending me all those very useful food information which I really appreciate. Also I wanted to let you know that I’m doing well, I feel good and that is because of your help! Also your personality and just talking to you made me feel very good. You help me immensely and I cannot believe how quickly this has happened. I sleep much better and want to go out every day and do something. I even took out my easel ( at which I could not look at for long time), my paints, brushes and prepared old canvas, just waiting for the inspiration to come! Life seems much better to me now and I do not think I have depression!  I think I just needed the “push”!  And I got it from you!

In mid 2012, we had several hypnosis-NLP sessions regarding my eating patterns. I found these very helpful. We recorded the sessions and from time to time I have relied on having these recordings as my mind slowly changes old patterns.

Our baby girl was born on the 1st of Feb @0235. 4hr labour. The outcome picture we set in the session was surpassed. Your sessions really helped with  my anxiety in the days prior to birth. thx so much.

I have been on a plane trip to Sydney and back. I have been in a chairlift, been on an underground train, been in several lifts and stayed at a Hotel with a very small room. I am so grateful to you for healing me, and while I am always thankful when the lift doors open, I am dealing well and so very thankful to be normal. I am still extolling your virtues to all I meet.

Thank you for the new life you have given to me – with love, laughter, joy and freedom to BE ME. With all my love to you and your family

Feedback From Yael’s Students

“Yael – my appreciation is given to you. For your polished yet lighthearted professionalism, for your wonderful modest personality, for your wonderful and bright smile, for being like Mother Goose – protecting, yet enabling to dare, for the positivity that radiates from you, for being a charming person in your naturalness and way of life. For your high ethics! That’s right! For all these and much more, accept a big big big Thank You and lots of love.
Yours, Daniela”.
Daniela Or-El, Clinical Physiologist

“I arrived at the NLP Master Practitioner Certification course with no special expectations, after 3 years of studying NLP. I was impressed by the openness, by the professionalism, by how seriously you take the responsibility, by the safe approach that did not reduce the lightness and enjoyment of the methodology – I have found the heart of NLP. And so I – who work in the field, apply NLP in my daily life and enable others to do so, without noticing, have discovered end experienced my own personal breakthrough that is so highly significant. Getting to know the Tsvieli Reiss Training Center has more than ever stressed the insight that I have regarding the fact that the shoe-maker does not have to walk barefoot, and only if he/she chooses so… And a man without a dream is dead, he stumbles and falls. Thank you Yael for following your dream and by doing that you enabled me to know my own dream, thank you for sharpening the tools that I now have on my way to fulfill it. Be blessed in your attitude and in your doing”.
Irit Sherman Kisch, Physiologist and Group Therapist

“Again I have to thank the fates that led me to NLP, and especially to you, Yael, with the enthusiasm and all the good that you have imparted to me as a learner. It’s in my head, in my emotions since that day when I started in October… and it continues to bear fruit (despite my old age… yes there is room for growth…). I felt that what you bring along with you, the Training Center, your modest ways, the way you are, the way you do things (also regarding business), your father, are all wonderful things. I felt that you gave from yourself, from your heart, knowledge and faith, with no favouritism, no hiding. You gave transparently, and with huge generosity”.
Dorit Tal, Certified Nurse

“This course (NLP Practitioner) has expanded my horizons, and has given me a number of new tools that I didn’t have before as well as deepened and enhanced many tools from the fields of guided imagery and the belief in self and others”
Roni Nisimov, M.D. Certified Hypnotherapist

“After enquiring in other training centres, it was clear to me that I would be participating in the training at the Tsvieli Reiss Training Center and nowhere else. The material was given in a very clear, focused and interesting way, and contained all the tools and techniques at high international standards. The opportunities to practice were immediate and also resulted in immediate outcomes. All throughout the course the atmosphere was fun, humoristic and warm. Your attitude, Yael, was personal, direct and highly professional. Highly recommended for anybody who wants to learn and get proficient in Pure NLP from a trainer that also does what she says – she ‘walks her talk'”.
Alona Yogev, NLP Master Practitioner

“I got to the Tsvieli Reiss Training Center after a thorough research of other training centres. At the Tsvieli Reiss Training Center I have found what I was looking for. The teaching way enabled acquiring tools that can be taken with me and used in the future. The experience is extraordinary and powerful. Being in the Tsvieli Reiss Training Center is pleasant, Yael is great, warm, personal, and especially accessible to every person, and to each participant’s questions. Highly recommended”.
Noa Lahav, Personal Coach