What do I do?

What do I do?

I see People

I sit every weekday with people and I see them.
I look at life from different facets, in a straightforward and direct way that facilitates healing and brings peace and flow to the person or persons who are being seen.
I don’t call what I do “work”, as I just sit there with people, have amazing chats with each of them, which we enjoy very much, and often when time to end the chat comes we feel quite different from the way we felt at the start of the chat.
At the end of the chat people pay me money in exchange for the energy they receive from the chat and for the energy I spend for the chat with them, and nice feeling of balance continues to echo within us.

I also spend time with my hubby and children, go for daily walks, sew my clothes, and occasionally write my first book. My book’s name is The Time Mirror. It is a collection of transformational metaphors and unwritten laws of life. 

Who do I see? In what formats? Where?

I see many couples, I see individuals of all ages, I see parents and children, I see families, and sometimes I see groups.
I see people locally in my studio in north Brisbane, Brighton QLD Australia, and mostly I see people on zoom from all around Australia and the world.
Occasionally, I see people in the Family Constellations workshops that I facilitate.

Sometime soon I intend to see people in SUPER-vision courses, which will be a place for healing practitioners to hone in their skills and see how deeply and easily they can see people.

What approaches do I use?

When I see people, my main focus isn’t on therapeutic “methods” and “approaches;” I just see people. The approaches I do use in the background are off-the-mainstream. To be honest, these approaches are really  just names of unified processes that we don’t strictly follow. Here is a brief description of these approaches so that people can feel comfortable knowing what they are “buying” before they come to be seen for the first time.

Systemic Family Constellations, which looks into how generational ‘stuff’ descends down to us through the generations, unconsciously steering us to where we are. We look into people’s family constellations both in individual sessions as well as in workshops.

Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which take a careful notice to words and metaphors, and their power unconsciously in everything we think say and do. I use them matter-of-factly, conversationally, in conversational trance, as well as sometimes in “formal” trance. “Formal” trance I mostly use for helping the body, brain and mind heal trauma.

RLT Relational Life Therapy, is a couples therapy approach which looks into couple relationships in honest and direct ways.

In any case, when people come to me, I believe that they are coming to be seen, often for the first time.

I look forward to seeing you,