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Family Constellations group workshops – on demand

People working together to understand relationships and themselves.

When: On demand, 2 hours, typically on a Saturday morning.
Location: Brighton QLD, at my cosy little studio, OR online.

Cost for Family Constellations group workshops:
$420 AUD – Issue holder – a group of resonators is gathered to facilitate a workshop for you to look into your own Family Constellation in a group setting. Approximately 2 hours.

FREE – for RESONATORS/ representatives. Due to venue size spots are limited to 11 resonators. 

FREE resonating opportunity NOW:
Upcoming dates for 2-hour personal constellation workshops:

Saturday 29th June 2024 @ 2-4pm

in person @ my cosy studio Brighton QLD, Australia

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Systemic Family Constellations

Family Constellations is an effective short term therapy that has the potential to arrive at the roots of problems in a short time. It is a fascinating way to look into relevant history, in an insightful way that brings healing. It can be facilitated to help heal individuals (adults teenagers and children), families, couples, businesses and organisations.

Unconsciously, people carry the burdens of those who came before them. These burdens are manifested in issues as anxiety, trauma, excessive drinking, weight problems, health issues, etc.  By making the unconscious conscious in the Systemic Family Constellations work, the person can bring to light what was previously unseen. Having understood something profound about their situation, changes will occur naturally.  

Nowadays Family Constellations is widely known and used in Europe and in America. In Brazil before going to family court people have to take part in a Family Constellation workshop. In Mexico it is so widely used that in soap operas characters say to each other ‘that’s a real problem, you should go have a constellation about it’. Family Constellations hasn’t yet reached the mainstream in Australia, and so I was asked a few questions from people who are interested in attending a workshop. In this page I’ve included my replies, which could be helpful for people who are intrigued by it but not sure about it.

What you will experience and learn:

  • Resonance: The magic of being a resonator (representative in a Family Constellation group workshop) is learning by experience how to know what other people feel and think, even without meeting them or talking to them or knowing details about them.
  • How generational issues affect us: We are unconsciously carrying burdens that were ascended down to you through the generations. Learn how that plays up in people’s lives.
  • Relationality: learning about relationships: couples, parents and children, siblings, friendships, social relationships, work relationships.
  • Unwritten laws of life: observations about life that rarely have exceptions, that help us understand, navigate and feel at ease with life and with what it brings with it.

What are the benefits of Family Constellations (and this workshop):

  • Reveals hidden patterns that affect our lives unconsciously
  • Improves your relationships with your family, your spouse, your children etc
  • Parents can get help with issues their child is carrying (children mirror their parents and their parents’ relationships)
  • Empowers and strengthens our capacity to respond to challenges
  • Transforms your hidden burdens and  blockages
  • Turns your past into a source of strength
  • Helps build and sharpen your intuition compassion and empathy

What issues, problems and conditions can Family Constellations (and this workshop) assist with:

My answer to this question is “basically anything” (it’s even helpful for business coaching!), but I have made a list:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Relationship issues: couple relationship, parent-child relationship, family relationship, conflicts in work relationships, friendships, social relationships
  • Family issues
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Self-sabotage
  • Recurring problem-patterns in life
  • Problem-child in a family 
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Forgiveness
  • Abuse
  • Adoption: People who grew up in adoptive families and suffer confusion in their lives can greatly benefit from Family Constellation work, finding peace and achieve a sense of being settled.

Family Constellations can be used for enhancing performance:

  • Achieving your goals
  • Business enhancement, business coaching and business issues, team management, achieving flow in business etc.
  • Supervision for professionals, looking into the minds of your clients/customers/patients.
  • Sports performance 

What is Systemic Family Constellations:

Unconsciously, people carry the burdens of those who came before them. These burdens are manifested in issues as anxiety, trauma, excessive drinking, weight problems, health issues, etc.  Systemic Family Constellations reveals how a person’s issues are outcomes of that person’s upbringing, and also of the past of his/her parents, grandparents and their wider family. When we look into the history of a family, we can often find  certain issues and patterns repeating through generations. For example: a single mother who was raised by a single mother,  who herself had a single mother. Another example: with people who cut their parents off, we often find that their parents had themselves cut off their own parents. and so on. Systemic Family Constellations reveals those who were excluded or forgotten in a family along its generations. By including the excluded, and giving recognition to where we come from, and to those who came before us, a flow can be regained in a person’s life. By making the unconscious conscious in the Constellations work, the person can bring to light what was previously unseen. Having understood something profound about their situation, changes will occur naturally.  

Systemic Family Constellations can be facilitated also to understand and heal businesses and organisations. As in families, so too do people in other systems such as businesses and organisations carry the burdens of those who came before them. It is manifested in different issues that inhibit the flow in the organisation. Here too, Family Constellations reveals those who were excluded or forgotten in a  in a group/ business/organisation, and gives them the deserved recognition.

Systemic Family Constellations work can be done either in one-on-one session or in a group setting. Yael facilitates Family Constellations workshops, as well as uses Family Constellations therapy in her individual sessions, couples sessions and parent-and-children sessions. The most powerful way to experience Family Constellations and receive the special benefits it provides, is by participating in a group workshop.   

Family Constellations Workshops: 
The Family Constellation workshop is a powerful way to look into what is holding you back in life, in a healing way.

In a workshop an issue holder’s personal constellation is facilitated. It is a unique way to have a look into your hidden family dynamics at present and/or to generations. This is done through the other participants in the group as representatives for their family members and ancestors, resonating their emotions and story.

Both the issue holder and the resonators (people participating as representative)s have an experiential and unique role at the workshop and potentially going through a healing experience.

As a resonator and representative, participants discover within themselves unique intuitive abilities to resonate, not commonly taught in modern society. As resonators, participants experience different human states that give insight into their own private lives.

The facilitator:
Yael Reiss

Yael is a certified Family Constellations Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, NLP therapist, RLT therapist, public speaker, clinical supervisor and trainer, with over 20 years of professional experience.
Yael has a Masters degree in Social Work and a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
As a group facilitator in Family Constellations workshops Yael is described by participants as a gentle, strong and insightful facilitator. A skilled and loving facilitator that holds the space for the participants, and gently sensing in to what is needed for them to move forward.

Preparation for Family Constellations workshops and private sessions:
Before coming to the workshop or individual session, it can be helpful to gather some information about events in your family history, including your ancestry. Significant events in the family history that are important to note:
Early deaths, stillborn children, war, mental illness, suicide, early separation from parents, long hospitalization, parent’s previous relationships, children born out of wedlock, someone left at the altar, refugees, accidents, crime or victims of crime, disinheritance, etc

What typically happens in a Family Constellations group workshop?

Well, first I want to tell you what DOESN’T HAPPEN in the Family Constellations workshop: Although it typically has the potential to be a deeply emotional process, it’s NOT group dynamics where each participant shares their intimate stories in detail. Participating in a Family Constellations workshop DOESN’T require sharing many details about the problem or the desired outcome. The details are more about family history facts than anything else. Actually, we don’t have time for too many details, and the person who does most of the talking is the workshop facilitator.

What DOES typically happen in the workshop?

In a Family Constellations workshop session, a person who is the issue holder brings his or her problem or issue. They do not need to share much about the private matter, they can just say a few words about how they feel, what the problem is, and what it is that they would like instead. The client will be asked for some family history; events of significance that happened in the family. Examples of this are: someone dying early, a stillborn child or a child that was lost in their family, mental illness, someone disinherited, family members who fought in a war etc. We call events of this nature “heavy fate”. We don’t really need to know all the characteristics of the client, it’s facts we are looking for – things that happened in the history of their family. This can be their remote family, ie. grandparents and great-grandparents etc.

We now have some of the family history, as well as the problem and the desired outcome. This normally will take a few minutes. The facilitator will now request the client to select, from the workshop participants, representatives for certain members of their family. The issue holder is asked to stand these representatives in the room around them according to how the issue holder feels they should be placed.
The representatives / resonators DO NOT role play as in psychodrama. In Family Constellations the representatives intuitively tap into and resonate sensations, feelings and thoughts of those family members that they represent.
The representatives can be anyone, familiar or unfamiliar with Family Constellations or other therapy. The resonators tend to accurately tap into those family members they represent, feeling, thinking and speaking in the same way that the family member does or did.
What then gradually happens is that a dynamic, or a picture of what is happening in this family, is revealed.

Let’s say there is a representative for the client’s mother and for the client’s father and for the client themself. Very often it is possible to see, even if the client didn’t provide many details about their problem, whether there is a disconnection or a connection between the client’s parents or between the parents and the client. For example, the client may place the mother and the father far apart, or strong emotions or reactions between the different resonators and also within the issue holder watching as the story of their life unfolds.
Once the picture is revealed, the facilitator may suggest a few different location changes, or sentences that the representatives can say to one another.
When the time is right, the issue holder themself will enter the constellation and experience how it feels to talk to the representatives of his or her family. As the constellation progresses, new information may come to light and the facilitator may bring in new representatives.
A session typically evolves and culminates by finding the configuration that restores order, resources, love, strength and/or gratitude within the client. At times the workshop does not end with a profound resolution, but only with a clearer picture of the underlying currents and dynamics of the person’s life and history, so when they are ready they can take the next step from there.

As seen on TV!

A Netflix series featuring Family Constellations workshops – ‘Another Self‘ 

Interestingly enough, a Turkish TV series captures the essence of the process that typically happens in Family Constellations.
Of course it makes it a little dramatic, as one would expect from a TV series, yet the essence is there quite remarkably 🙂
It is in Turkish, and you have subtitles and audio options in English and other languages.

If you’ve ever wondered what are these weird Family Constellations workshops, here’s a chance to get an idea, and enjoy the series at the same time. (Everyone I know who’s started watching it were immediately hooked, including my mother-in-law…)
Here is the trailer:

Did you watch the Netflix series Another Self?

Well, if you watched it, that is how we organize the workshops here:
Whenever a person has a need to look into their own Family Constellation in a group setting, we get together and do it for a couple of hours.
You come as a resonator when want, you are that ‘another self’.
And then when time comes and you want to have the group of people there for you to look into your own Family Constellation the rest of us are here with you.

Touch and be touched by the magic of Family Constellations

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Testimonials from Family Constellations Workshops:

‘I wanted to address a relationship issue with my son and after trying several other therapeutic modalities, thought I’d see if a family constellation might shed some light on the situation. The experience was profound and revealed a picture I had not seen before, with representatives showing me how my son was feeling and why, and the hidden dynamics at play. This allowed me to see what I have to do next to address the problem.
Yael was a gentle, strong and insightful facilitator. I would recommend this experience for anyone seeking insight into any problem, and will certainly be referring my clients’.
Jane, Psychologist, Brisbane, February 2019

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