May YOU be with the force

By Yael Reiss

You might be familiar with the Star Wars motto: May the force be with you.
I have a motto in life, that I say just slightly differently to the Star Wars one: 
May YOU be with the force
What do I mean? 
Have you ever felt you were stuck in a situation or in life in general? That something just doesn’t flow, it’s just HARD, difficult, it doesn’t work, you’re not sure about it and can’t make up your mind, it doesn’t feel right, it feels wrong, you’re doing it because you HAVE TO, because YOU SHOULD, because you HAVE NO CHOICE, it’s boring, time is just soooo slowwwww, your energy is not into it, etc.
Basically, whatever it is that you’re stuck on, just seems to suck more and more of your energy.
That is what happens when you go against your life force.

Your life force is your life energy, your soul or spirit, it’s YOU.
In that place where you are just purely your life force there are no fears or worries or concerns, there are no agendas and no attachment to outcomes. It’s just purely you, your life force, your life energy.
Your soul and life force tends to flow to wherever it is that is your soulful: places, activities, people, hobbies, occupation, etc. When you let your life force flow, you get more and more energy from whatever it it you are doing, so although you put energy into doing it, you only seem to end up with much more energy:
When you are in these places that for you are soulful, you feel alive; when you are engaging in these activities you feel energized; when you are being with these people you feel calm and experience love and kindness; while engaging with these hobbies you lose track of time; and while “working” in an occupation that feels that you were born to do, that feels like a hobby, it feels effortless, you feel that you are just playing and having fun and even get paid well to do that! That is YOU – your soul and life force. 

When you keep out of the way of your life force, it flows effortlessly and what you feel is joy and ease. You always get more and more energy.

Unfortunately in our society, culture, day and age, too many of us have learnt to believe that making a living while spending time with loved ones or in any way living effortlessly – isn’t possible in reality. And so we’ve learnt mostly to resist and stand in the way of our life force, preventing it from just naturally and effortlessly flowing.  

To relearn the simple and magical fact of your life force and how to let yourself live life effortlessly and joyfully is, in a way, to become today’s Jedi. It is quite simple and possible actually, believe it or not. In one sentence it can be summed up: Keeping out of the way of your life force, and letting it flow. Or: May YOU be with the force.

The Family Constellations workshops, especially being a representative/resonating, is a wonderful way to experience and learn this simple ability we all possess: to be with the force. So, come join us to the upcoming workshop!

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