The Purpose of Emotions

The Purpose of Emotions

By Yael Reiss

What has Mother Nature given us emotions for?
The way I see it, Mother Nature had to have a really good and very simple reason to have given us emotions.
She’s given us a whole array of different emotions.
Have you noticed that each emotion comes and fills us with different energy?
I feel that Mother Nature has given us this variety of emotions, each of them giving us a certain kind of energy to do what is needed to be done at a certain moment. 
For instance:
She’s given us ANGER in order to keep our boundaries intact. 
When someone is trespassing our boundary, we become angry.
Mother Nature intended us to use this energy in a way that is efficient and effective – not too little not too much, achieving safety in a healthy boundary.
BUT, in modern society, people are scared to let this energy that we call anger go through them. Instead, they bottle it up. A bottled up emotion, is an emotion that we didn’t let go through us and do what it came here to do. This unspent emotion then rots. Rotten anger is what we know as resentment, as rage, or as depressionIt’s an emotional abscess: it rots you from within as resentment and depression do, or it bursts out unpleasantly at the external world as rage.
Only when we have the courage to let each emotion go through us and fulfil it’s energy, can we enjoy the original purpose it came here for, as well as not having to suffer the consequences of bottling it up for the long term.

Anger is just one example, enough for this short post. Mother Nature of course had a great reason to give us each of the other emotions, such as loveshameguiltcalm, etc. I might write about them some time.

All families have emotional abscesses that have been ascending down generations. Emotions that were bottled and trapped and unspent in our parents, grandparents and even further down the generations. This undealt-with emotion, which no one in the family so far has had the courage to face and learn how to let through them in a way that is effective – this emotion comes down to us so naturally. We are  born into it and believe that that is how life is and should be. Or if we already know that that is NOT how life should be, we still find it extremely unsafe to experience it, and we don’t even know know how, as we’ve never seen it done properly.

Systemic Family Constellations workshop is a great opportunity to experience that emotion that is trapped on your lineage, in a safe way, that enables it to fulfil itself in you (and in your children) in the future.

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