The Time Mirror

I wanted to share with you a draft page from my book-in-writing.

My book’s name is The Time Mirror, and it is a collection of transformational metaphors and unwritten laws of life. 
These are metaphors and observations that I came up with while seeing people, conveying to them what I see.
Many of the people with whom I shared these metaphors in sessions had eye-opening moments. Some reported that these eye-openers affected them deeply and even changed their thinking and behaviour from then on.
They say it is hard now to stop seeing what they didn’t see that they were doing to themselves and to others.

Well, you’re invited to read and perhaps it will aid you too, to see clearly.

The Time Mirror

By Yael Reiss

Time  is a mirror.

Time is a mirror of what is actually important to you.

If you think something is important to you, but it does not show up in your time, it is only ideally important to you. It is not actually important to you.

And vice versa.
If you think something is not that important to you, but it takes a lot of your time, this is what is actually important to you. Even if ideally, you wouldn’t want it to be so important to you. 

Some common actually-but-not-ideally “importances” modern people find on their time mirror when they are honest with themselves include social media, screens, shopping, and work addiction.

My personal story about this metaphor

The Time Mirror is actually a metaphor I came up with to help myself see what I was doing to myself and others.
When my children where young and little, I used to “find myself” in front of the screen at night after they went to bed, “not being able to stop” for hours.
When I found myself fatigued the next day after so little sleep, bad quality after-screen sleep, I was cranky and becoming unwell with adrenal fatigue.

One night, as I was reaching out for my laptop, I said enough. And I told myself that time is a mirror, and that if my health and being a good mum isn’t to just be ideally important to me, I must give time to it here and now.
And that is just what I did. That was all it took for me then.

I hope in some way this inspires you.
I would love to hear and read feedback from you.

Yael Tsvieli Reiss

Copyright Yael Reiss 2023