Chemically Modified Humans

Sharing with you here another draft page from my book-in-writing.
Let me know what it did in you to read it.

Chemically Modified Humans

By Yael Reiss

Perfume makes us smell “nice”.

Make-up makes us look “good”.

Hair dye makes sure we have a “great” hair color.

Hair growth pills “help” us not get bald.

Alcohol “helps” us “have fun” and “enjoy” each other’s company.

Artificial flavors make the food taste “better”.

Anti-depresants “relieve” our depression.

Anti-anxiety pills “relieve” our anxiety.

Imagine a world in which:

People smell like people,

Look like people,

Have the hair color they were born with and the hair color their age creates,

Have heads full of hair or bald, according to their genetics.

A world where people sit together or dance together “unaided” by alcohol, just simply enjoy being together, connecting with each other.

A world in which humans eat food that has “only” its true taste.

A world in which people address their emotional issues by talking to someone about it, and are kind to their nervous systems by having balance, sleep, and a daily walk.

When people suffer from anxiety or depression they go to the doctor and the doctor prescribes them anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications.

When someone breaks an arm, the doctor doesn’t just give them painkillers. They bind the arm in a cast and help the body to heal its own broken bone.

Imagine a world in which anxiety and depression are healed in the same way: not by “pain-killing” it, but by helping the soul to heal its own broken bones.

Dear Reader,

In this page from my book, I don’t intend to insult or criticize anyone taking antidepressants or dyeing their hair.

I sometimes imagine looking at planet Earth from an alien’s eyes, from outer space. I see all the different animals going about their lives. And then I see humans, making tremendous efforts to appear the same. As one of these humans, I feel the pain of trying to fit in, and I have a deep love for who we truly are.

Yael Tsvieli Reiss

Copyright Yael Reiss 2023